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Mina's little World
The place for strange people. ^^
Recent Kills 
20th-Jan-2011 12:08 am - To all my readers
Ratchet + Ironhide
I think, I'll finish my Transformers fanfic. first.

I have a bit of a writer's block with fairy tail since the new chapters were released and I'm even thinking of deleting the whole thing. To know that my whole plot had been thrown off course is really bugging me.

Who wouldn't be annoyed? You have a nice plot and then comes the mangaka and slaps your fingers from the keyboard saying: 'No, no. I have something else in mind!' Catch my drift?

So for the moment I'll put the story on unofficial hiatus, because I don't know when the manga will continue and what will happen next.
9th-Jan-2011 04:04 pm - LOL
Am I really that bad? Ok, my anger can get the better of me, but I don't want to exterminate everything ....at least not on a daily basis. XD

31st-Dec-2010 09:22 pm - HAPPY NEW YEAR
Yeah I know quite early but yeah. ^_^U  I wish all my friends, lj-pals and readers a Happy New Year!!!!

Now that another year passed by, I must say ....I haven't changed much. ^^U

I'm still a cosplayer.
Still Anime and Manga crazy.
Still a fanfic. author, ....even if I'm a bad one.   -_-
And yeah, ...I'm still lazy on the weekends and overworked in the middle of the week. T_T

So there are a few things I want to change!   

I will try to update my fanfics more often.
I'll try to give my beta a break and harrass them less. XD
I will definitely take on the 100 themes challenge!!!! 
 (not sure about the fandom yet)
I will also at least try to sew one costume without help!!!
I'll try to build less awesome weapons for my cos
. (Since people start to take photos of my scythe and not me....   I feel so unloved!!!   T___T   )
I want to see much more of Germany, so I'll travel through many cities. And one day I'll visit the capital city Berlin!!!!

....I think that's all for now. Can't think of anything else at the moment....

Ok, maybe that I want to write and publish a book but that's just my secret dream. ^^

Peace out guys. Have a good time and don't get overcharged! ^_~ Ratchet hates to work overtime for our sorry afts!!! XD

10th-Nov-2010 03:38 pm - SO LOL!!!
Really Fairy Tail's Mangaka has a thing for Germany. Why? Because of these two pics.

Gazille singing on stage and the german singer Udo Lindenberg. Notice something???

No wonder I was laughing like crazy. XD

9th-Nov-2010 08:31 pm - my fanfic....
Yeah this is about my Fairy Tail fanfic. ...The manga screwed up my plot idea just now. T_T

Major Manga Spoiler!!!

Zeref is a boy... and he is back already... And he doesn't want destruction, he wants to be killed by Natsu.

Just shoot me, now!!!

There goes my whole wonderful plot idea. I'm so depressed it's not even funny. T_T

Maybe I can still say that it is a fanfic. and fanfic. means what I want to write and not what the mangaka wants. But now I possibly have to make this AU.
I'm so unlucky!!

I'm almost done with the next chapter and now this! It is a real turn off that just kicked my muse into the gutter. >_<#
28th-Oct-2010 08:46 pm(no subject)
Ratchet angry
Ok, bear with me because now I need to rant about some problems.

I'm cranky and sick and tired of my family and some of my friends. My family are total jerks.

I have to say something, -> nobody is listening.

I want to go somewhere, -> nobody had noticed that I was gone for a while.

My Dad goes for a vacation to Russia, -> nobody told me he'd left the country when I was with my grandma.

My friends aren't any better. I want to go and watch a movie. Nobody wants to go with me since I want to see Jackass. So sue me for having a crappy sense of humor!!! But when they go and the movie is not really something for me, I go anyway. Stupid aren't I?

Or I see a new Restaurant and say: 'C'mon let's check it out' then they're all like 'oh no, I don't want to waste money because I might not like it.'

FINE! Then I go alone to the movies and I go alone to that Restaurant! Suit yourself!!! See if I ever say yes when you want to go somewhere!!!

I have enough! Some of them are not even calling back or won't send me a message on mobile phone. What? Too good to answer me???

I think I need new friends my old buddies got too boring to hang out with. I want to have some fun too! I always am the one to give in, to say yes when I mean no, to stay when I want to leave, to give and never take.

I was always kind and understanding and it got me nowhere!

Enough is enough!!! I want to be selfish!!! And if it's only once in my life! I don't care. I want to do what I want! Say what I want and live how I want to live!!!
20th-Oct-2010 08:49 pm(no subject)
Aw man, I'm so tired I just want to go to bed and sleep 'til next week. -___-

The thing is I have a job and I need the money! For my hobbies, for my car (New wheels) and of course for Christmas! So that means I work some extra hours and have a bit less time to write things.

I'm so sorry I really try hard, it would be different if I was a real author and would make money with my stories. Well, I really don't think anyone would buy a book from me. Fanfiction is one thing, I don't have to do much thinking. All I need is a plot or a quick idea, because I have all the charas, the universe and the background.

But a book is different. You have to create a universe, think of a background and make up believable charas. Every seven year old girl can create a Mary Sue. The difficulty lies in giving the chara a personality and sticking to it.

Maybe one day I'll write a book about me. Lol.

'A cosplayer's memoirs' XD
22nd-Sep-2010 01:09 am - No title yet...
YAY I managed to subbdue a rabid plot bunny. Go me!!! XD

Hope this is ok and maybe I'll post this on FF-net as well. Just so you know, It's not beta-read. So if you will find any mistakes. my bad. ^^ Feel free to keep them. XD

I have no title yet, but I'll think of one later.


Today was a quiet day, at least when someone knew how crazy things could be at the Ark. Especially with two certain bots around, better knows as the (Terror) Twins. After spending a day outside the base on patrol, they came across something new. Humans were such inventive and creative little creatures.

Now what did those two do the whole day long? One would say they were satisfying their curiosity. Others would call it to gather some black mail material.

There were only a few victims left and one was waiting in the med bay.

Ratchet was busy with putting the new supplies away. Standing up he noticed he had visitors. ...Unwelcome visitors.

“Don’t tell me you’ve damaged yourselves again.” Ratchet held up his index finger in warning.

Sunstreaker waved it off

“Nope Ratchet we didn’t. We can take care of ourselves. You have to admit we didn’t get a single dent since the last time you repaired us.”

The medic snorted and stood with his arms akimbo.

“Of course, ...because that was only yesterday.”

Sideswipe cut in before his brother could get them kicked out in a matter of nano-kliks. You never knew with the Hatchet.

"Hey Ratchet, we recently learned a human game, and we decided to make a cybertronian version of it. Wanna help us test it?"

Ratchet gave them a long stare, considering if he could trust the twins not to wreck his med bay. Well, he could give it a try. It was not as if he couldn’t stop them in time. There was enough ammo around. As Ironhide would say: ‘Everything light enough to throw.’

"...Okay." He answered, still being a bit uneasy about the so-called game.

Sunstreaker smirked. He always wanted to know these little bits of information concerning their medic.

"All the bots on the base. Let us suppose you had to 'face one, bond one and shoot one. Which ones?" He asked, counting each possibility by lifting a finger.

Sideswipe walked up to his twin and leaned against his shoulder.

"Remember, you can always count the two of us as one if you have trouble choosing." He smiled seductively. Hey, maybe Ratchet was into double action, who knew? The red twin certainly wouldn’t complain. Ratchet was quite good looking for a mech, besides he wondered if the medic could use his seemingly endless amount of energy for ...other activities as well.

The twins hadn’t noticed their new arrival in the med bay since they had their backs to the door. Ironhide had entered right when Sunstreaker had asked Ratchet which bots he would choose and also heard Sideswipe’s suggestion.

The weapon specialist was about to say something when he caught the CMO’s evil smirk. It was usually a sign that Ratchet was up to something and it wouldn’t be pretty for the ones on the receiving end.

“Oh that’s really easy.”

The twins leaned in a bit closer, curious to hear the medics answer.

“I would ‘face Ironhide,...”

The Lambos were startled to hear that and fell almost backwards. Ironhide on the other hand was a bit surprised and a bit smug about it. They wanted to know these things, now they would have to deal with the answers.

“...I am bonded to Ironhide...”

Well the weapon specialist didn’t imagine the two pranksters would be the first to hear about it and judging from their looks, they haven’t even thought of the possibility that the medic was taken.

“...and I certainly ...would shoot you both!” Ratchet pointed at the twins.

“Hey, that’s not fair Ratchet. You chose Ironhide twice!” Sideswipe complained stomping his foot on the ground like an immature sparkling.

The medic crossed his arms and gave them a smug smile

“If I can see you two as one, I can see Ironhide as two.”

That shut them up. Ratchet knew how to play word games. Those two were a few million years too early to take him on.

So ok the twins thought they could pry some juicy information out of the Hatchet, but had no such luck. All in all, it meant they had lost the game, ...for the first time.

Sunstreaker, not really ready to give up, tried to think of a way to get a draw, or in other words, a different Information.

“C’mon Ratchet you love us. You wouldn’t really shoot us, now would you?!” He smiled charmingly. Maybe Ratchet would say he would shoot Cliffjumper. It was the most common answer at the moment.

“...You’re right, ...I wouldn’t.”

Suddenly Ratchet pointed to something behind the twins.

“He will !”

The two Lambos turned around slowly only to come face to face with Ironhide, who was anything but pleased that those two pranksters ogled his mate.

There weren’t many things that the Terror Twins were afraid of. The first thing would always be the medic’s wrench. A ticked off weapon specialist came right after it.

A nuclear catastrophe was a joke compared to Ironhide in a really bad mood.

The youngsters gave Ironhide a panicked look. Sunstreaker lifted his servos in surrender.

“H-Hi Ironhide, ..i-it’s really not what you think. You see, we were just playing a game and....” the yellow mech didn’t dare continue when the other’s optics dimmed a bit.

Ironhide pointed to the door.

“You, ...have three kliks to get away. Otherwise, ...I’ll have two new targets for practice.” He growled.

The pranksters didn’t even need one klik to get away as far as possible. The red mech snorted in disdain before walking up to his mate.

“I’m surprised. Wasn’t it your idea to wait for the right moment to ...come out as the humans would say?”

The medic leaned against the side of his table.

“So? They asked! Besides, I remember that a certain someone who told me, two days ago, that they were tired of waiting.” Ratchet looked directly at his lover.

Ironhide pulled the alluring, white mech into a loving embrace and let his head rest on the other’s shoulder.

“So, ..you did that for me?” He asked.

Ratchet smacked his arm lightly just strong enough for the other to notice.

“No, I did it so you would quit nagging around.” Ratchet’s voice wasn’t annoyed. It sounded casual.

That gave Ironhide an idea. He tightened his embrace.

“So, ...if I nag about our last romp in the berth, ...will do something to shut me up as well?” He asked smoothly.

The medic pulled slightly back to look into his mate’s optics.

“...Is that a challenge?” He asked with an inviting smile.

Ironhide wasn’t one to let his lover do the first move. Thankfully Ratchet had the code for locking all doors in the med bay on speed dial.


4th-Sep-2010 06:10 pm(no subject)
I know, I should write on my fanfic. ...But I can't. ...noooo not writer's block this time.

Mina is a bad girl, ...and want to know why?

Because Mina is a Con-Hopper and got invited to the next Con. XD (For three days!!!) My friend has some connections and she invited me along. For free!!!!!!

I'll make it up to everyone, I promise. Because after this Con, the Con season is over for this year. ^^ So please bear with me and yes I'll make photos as well. ^.^
24th-Aug-2010 11:53 am - First Transformers fanfic.!!!
Ratchet + Ironhide
YAY I just finished my first chapter for my new Transformers fanfiction 'Forget Me Not' (Corny title so sue me. XP )

I've had a plot bunny that gave me the injured, teary look long enough to yield. Check it out on FF-net!!!

No I haven't forgotten about my other fanfic. I just needed a break to reboot my brain. XD

Fanart? Why yes, please! I'd love that. ^^
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